Cookery Education in Italy

At the tip of the European continent, Italy has a multicultural structure and is influenced by Mediterranean culture. Italy is a very different country with its cuisine, architecture, art, football and cinema. It is the country that attracts the most tourists in Europe after France. Italy, which is home to more than 50 monuments in the UNESCO world heritage site, had a beautiful city in places with a central focus called Rome, the center of Catholicism, Milan, the heart of fashion, and the Renaissance.

Italian cuisine

When it comes to Italian cuisine, of course, the first dishes that come to mind are pasta and pizza. There are 13 varieties of pasta such as spaghetti, fusili and farfalle. Pizza is the most well-known food of Italian cuisine, pasta, margherita, marinara, quattro stagioni. Of course Italian cuisine is not just pizza and pasta. There are also delicious foods such as lasagna, tortellini and panna cotta, which are culturally and socially colorful.

Cookery Education

Due to its rich cuisine, there are many institutions providing training in cookery in many parts of Italy. But the city of Florence is one step ahead of other cities in cookery education. In KA102 Vocational Education Student and Personnel Mobility projects supported by Erasmus + program in Italy, where there are educational institutions in terms of undergraduate or associate education, many students and teachers from the program countries provide educational institutions at the level of high school or adult education and cookery education such as hotels, restaurants. They visit business places.

Students and teachers have the opportunity to develop their internships in Italy for a certain period of time in the fields such as gastronomy, food and beverage services where they are educated with the projects supported within the scope of KA102 and also have the opportunity to see world famous Italian cities such as Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice.

Erasmus + KA102 Vocational Education Student and Personnel Mobility trainee students with basic gastronomy and food and beverage services, kitchen work order from competent kitchen staff, making local, national and international meat and vegetable dishes, preparing various sauces, cooking methods, plate preparation and they receive practical training on topics such as presentation procedures.

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