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The answer of “What are the main needs and objectives of your institution/organization in the field of European mobility and cooperation? question in the European Development Plan section.

When writing targets, not only one-year targets but also longer-term targets should be written. For example, if we say that we plan to reduce the problem of early school drop-out at our school to 3% in one year, this may not be realistic. A general assessment of the project subject should be made. It should be made available to the experts who will evaluate the project in which they are actually working. Without going into too much detail, a convincing source scan can be outlined.

The relevant parts are more effective if the paragraph is written in paragraph form rather than a single paragraph when filling in the form.

For example,

Paragraph 1

The project subject can be explained by drawing a general framework.

Paragraph 2

Throughout the European Union, the European Union priorities should be linked to the project subject. Statistical information can be given with reference to the Strategic Document 2020-2030 of the European Union.

Paragraph 3

The current situation and needs can be mentioned in the province, district or school. The stages of acquisition of needs can be mentioned. In other words, how the needs of the project are determined must be expressed and justified. It can be stated how the problem identified as the subject of the project is noticed.

Paragraph 4

Which activities in the project address which needs? The answer to the question is searchable.

Horizontal gains can also be mentioned. Horizontal acquisitions are called individual and institutional gains such as foreign language acquisition and working with the group while achieving the main objectives of the project. These gains should not override the actual gains.

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