KA101 School Education Project Subjects

KA101 School Education Projects

Erasmus + KA101 School Education and Staff Mobility projects include school administrators, educators and teachers in schools as mentioned in the previous sections. It can be considered as project programs aimed at finding solutions to problems in schools in whole or in part by increasing the professional and personal competencies of the employees providing education services.

In the KA101 projects, in one of the Erasmus + program countries, there is a project partner who will provide training services to the project, the appropriate number of school personnel go to the relevant country and courses are taken from that institution. The aim of these projects is to eliminate or reduce a problem, as well as to realize cultural interaction of the personnel in mobility activities, to contribute to foreign language education, and to increase cooperation and coordination among teachers through institutional visits in the related country.

The main objective of these projects is to improve the quality and quality of education in program member countries. In mobility activities, there will be interaction between education and training staff and more effective tools will be used to encourage cooperation.

What must partner organization do?

The activities expected to be carried out by the partner organizations are as follows:

  • Preparing training programs for the participants,
  • Appointing professional trainers to the courses determined in accordance with the project,
  • To provide all the documents necessary for the development of the project with all its efficiency,
  • To contribute to the individual cultural development of the participants by organizing cultural activities outside the training times,
  • In addition to the Europass certificate, to document the training received,
  • To ensure the transfer and dissemination of results using cooperation with the sending organization.

Which subjects?

KA101 School Education project subjects can be selected from the following:

  • Educational Development
  • Foreign Language Teaching Facilities
  • Quality In Class and Family Communication
  • Quality School Management
  • Anti-Obesity
  • Prevention of Early School Leaving
  • Training Coaching
  • Multicultural Life, Immigration
  • Inclusion Training for Special Needs Students
  • Develop Skills Training
  • Democratic Life
  • International Education
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