Useful tips for KA101 and KA102 projects-2

Project Management Section

How will you ensure that the quality of project management and activities is good? Describe your plans in general, including those listed below.

The answer to the above question should be explained.

What kind of cooperation and communication arrangements do you plan to establish with your host partners? (For example, cooperation agreements or memorandum of understanding)

How will the cooperation and communication work be carried out with your project partners, overseas course centers or institutions (for on-the-job monitoring activities) and participants in order to continue the project successfully?

Therefore, this paragraph should explain how to do these studies. Agreements with partners signed to certify the work done, learning agreements with participants should be mentioned.

Explain who will do these studies. It can be said that the project execution team will do this work. (IMPORTANT)

In learning agreements, who will go abroad, which course will be taken and so on. Issues can be mentioned. Meetings with participants, guidance activities, learning agreements, etc. should be explained.

Paragraph 2

Quality management related to the activities to be carried out in the project in general can be mentioned. Quality management activities can be explained in the following stages:

  • Accounting: How will the budget be monitored properly?
  • Overseas activities: Agreements, preliminary activities, etc.
  • Local activities: Exhibition, seminar, meeting, course, expert speech etc.
  • Dissemination: Dissemination activities to be carried out within a calendar and under the guidance of a guide
  • Communication with partners and participants
  • These studies can be written more. The quality and development of the activities described above should be explained.

How do you plan to deal with implementation regulations and logistics issues related to project activities? (Eg travel, accommodation, insurance, security of participants, visa, social security, etc.)

Explanations on the arrangements to be made during project execution should be made. These studies can be as follows:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation (What should be considered when choosing a place, for example, should be expressed as proximity to the course center.)
  • Insurance
  • Safety of the participants (For safety reasons, the course center was chosen close to the school, no reasons were given late at night)
  • Visa-passport
  • Preparation, project execution meetings and guidance activities
Project management is one of the most important phase of projects.

The Erasmus + Program offers a number of online platforms, including eTwinning, School Education Gateway, EPALE (European Adult Learning Platform in Europe) and Erasmus + Project Results Platform, which provide useful information and tools for institutions and organizations operating in the field of education and training. Did you use or plan to use any of these platforms for the preparation or implementation of your project in relation to the field of activity of your institution / organization? If yes, please explain how.

Although it is optional, it is one of the preferred fields to be filled. It should be explained how to use these platforms effectively in preparation, implementation and follow-up stages.

eTwinning platform,

  • Dissemination,
  • Improving the quality of the project,
  • Strengthening local and international cooperation,
  • It will be used to find partners for subsequent projects.

School Education Gateway platform,

The course catalog which contains the courses that will provide the trainings to be taken within the scope of the project is on this platform. In this sense, this platform can be used primarily when researching course centers.

Erasmus + Project Results Platform,

Previous projects can be used for review. In this way, it is possible to express how innovative the project is. As a result of the needs analysis, it can be mentioned that research has been carried out in order to get better projects here.

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