Useful tips for KA101 and KA102 projects-4

Participants’ Section

Participants must be added for each event planned to be organized. The types of activities available are on-the-job training, structured courses, and assignment of teaching abroad.

Please describe the profile, past experience and needs of the participants you plan to involve in mobility activities and explain why you have decided to involve them. Provide information on the selection process for identifying the participants involved in the project.

This section should describe who the staff is, how they are selected, and how they are selected or if they are not yet selected.

Points to consider when selecting participants:

• Describe the characteristics of the participants

• Participant elections should be transparent, concrete and measurable.

• No personal projects should be written.

• Whoever produces better solutions to the current problem can be selected.

• The whole school should be informed of the selection of participants.

• All staff in the school cannot be included. The number of teachers participating in the project should be well connected.

• A substitute participant must be selected.

In general, the number of participants is 40% of all teacher staff in the school.

How were the participants selected / selected?

First, a commission should be established to take part in the election. According to which criteria will the commission be selected?

Possible Criteria 1

The selection-related scoring system can be developed.

Possible Criterion 2

Motivation and knowledge related to the project subject can be evaluated by interviewing the personnel of the institution.

Possible Criterion 3

It can be said that a team has been formed about the previous problems in your institution and that the team has been involved in this project.

What kind of preparation will be made with the personnel who will participate in the movement activities?

When, how and at what intervals will the preparatory activities for the participants take place with the participation of others?

The following sub-activities and preparatory activities should be explained in paragraphs.

Participants must be selected objectively.

Language Competences: Courses can be opened by an English teacher in public education or school. The subject of the foreign language course is basic English, travel, shopping and so on. may be related to the subject.

Cultural Preparations: Information about the local culture of the country of destination can be provided. Teachers may be asked to conduct research on the country of destination.

Professional Issues: Teachers may be required to prepare for the course syllabus depending on the subject and content of the course.

Risk Management: Measures related to possible failures can be mentioned. In general, there may be main activities and related logistics issues described in the Project Management section.

What kind of monitoring and support will be carried out?

Who, when, how and at what intervals will the monitoring be carried out?

In general, 3 monitoring and evaluation activities of a project are carried out abroad:

Follow-up and evaluation by the group leader: Take notes about the participants, monitor their course status and attendance.

Monitoring and evaluation to be done by the course center: It should check the course follow-up, perform exams and certification. Can prepare a course report at the end of the course.

Monitoring and evaluation by the participant: A progress report on the course syllabus can be prepared by the participant and can be converted into an evaluation form with Google Forms.

Learning Outcomes:

The participants’ gains after the training should be explained. The course syllabus can be used to explain the achievements.

Paragraph 1

The concrete outputs of the gains should be explained. The main products can be mentioned in the title of the project and resulting from the activity abroad. These products include course content, curriculum, material, etc. can.

Paragraph 2

• Explain how to monitor the quality of the resulting products. Sample,

• Course completion exams

• Initially, if a test was performed while determining the needs, the test can be performed again.

• Satisfaction survey can be applied if the seminar will be held.

• Prepared books, e-books, booklets, etc. If documents are sent to other institutions electronically, an assessment questionnaire may be applied with these institutions.

Will the gains obtained be documented?

International Certification: This can be a Euro Pass mobility certificate.

National Certification: Vocational Qualifications Authority can be applied for the gains.

Certification by the project owner: Participation certificate can be issued. However, only the documents issued by Public Education Centers are valid.

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