KA101 School Education and Personnel Mobility Projects

Teachers in mobility

The process of education can be defined as creating positive behaviors in one’s behaviors, abilities and experiences. It is a dynamic process when the education and training activities are considered completely. Therefore, educators should constantly improve their knowledge and experience from any field, whether in terms of solving problems, adding something new to students or changing teachers’ view of their profession.

In the courses defined as cultural courses (Physics, Mathematics, etc.), factors such as innovations in educational technologies, the effect of developments in the information sector on the education process, or participation in in-service training or course activities can be provided in studies such as increasing vocational formation for solving absenteeism problems in the school.

Within the scope of Erasmus + programs, KA101 School Education and Personnel Mobility project grants support is provided by the European Commission in order to see the work done by teachers in other countries in terms of education, to meet with colleagues from the same or different fields and to exchange information. KA101 School Education and Staff Mobility projects include students, teachers and school administrators. Applications are made to the agencies of the relevant countries.

There are many opportunities for trainers, educators etc. in Erasmus+ programs.

In school education projects, teachers and / or administrators are mobilized to an Erasmus + program country and take courses or training related to the project subject. In addition to the personal development of the trainings, the aim of the participants is to create a European Union awareness, social and cultural interaction, coordination between teachers and school visits, and a desire to learn a foreign language. KA101 School Education and Staff Mobility projects can be created on the following topics:

• Preventing early school drop-out
• Solving absenteeism problems in students
• Educational development
• Effective communication in the classroom
• Effective school management

www.schooleducationgateway.com for more information on school education projects, to find project partners abroad, to study the subjects of education and course programs, to exchange information can be reviewed.

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