Registration Procedures Before Application

How is registration done?

In previous years, the application to Erasmus + programs was to fill out the project application files in pdf format downloaded from the websites of the national agencies of the countries and to send them until the specified date and time. Applications to the Erasmus + programs, which are known, are now made via the online system by accessing the relevant website of the European Commission.

In this system, a number of registration procedures are required for institutions and organizations that wish to apply for the project to access the application forms and therefore to apply. First of all, you need to register the ECAS via the e-mail address of the legally responsible person or contact person of your institution. ECAS consists of the initials of the words European Commission Authentication Service. By registering with the ECAS system, you can apply to Erasmus + programs with a single username and password, as well as to reach many European Union applications. However, we will focus on this issue since our subject is application to Erasmus + projects.

For ECAS registration, please enter to provide the required information and click the “Create an account” button. Clicking the activation link in your e-mail will complete your ECAS registration. In the meantime, ECAS is increasingly being replaced by Login EU Login ”.

Upon completion of the ECAS registration, the PIC number must be obtained for the institution you are applying for. PIC stands for “Participant Identity Code”. Once the requested information is provided, the system will issue a nine-digit number specific to your organization. During the application, you will be asked for information such as the legal name of your institution, tax number, legal responsible information. When the PIC number is entered in the required place in the Erasmus + application form, your institution’s information is automatically displayed.

Registration for the PIC number can be done at :

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