Erasmus+ in Turkey

Turkey at a glance

Large surface area, which is home to many cultures, Turkey is hosting a big potential with a young population with colored structure. Four seasons that has literally Turkey, which has hosted many civilizations has a rich historical and touristic heritage. From winter tourism, marine tourism, faith tourism to the summer tourism from many tourism activities are carried out successfully in Turkey.

Turkey, based on climatic and geographical conditions were divided into 7 regions. These regions are Central Anatolia Region, Marmara Region, Black Sea Region, Eastern Anatolia Region, Mediterranean Region, Southeastern Anatolia Region and Aegean Region. Marmara Region ranks first among the regions in terms of population density and contribution to the national economy. In the Marmara Region, historical, touristic, economic structure, which is Turkey’s largest city Istanbul. Istanbul is a city that is part of the European continent and part of the Asian continent, with no other example in the world.

Turkey, from past to present, attracts attention with colorful cultural structure for which embraced many cultures throughout history. For example, when it comes to culinary culture, thousands of different food flavors emerge from north to south and east to west.

Balloons of Cappadocia
Cappadocia – Fairy Chimneys

When considered in terms of tourist accommodation to meet every need for tourists Turkey is a country with high touristic potential, catering, entertainment facilities hosting facilities are available. Turkey examples are given in the tourist attractions in each region:

Central Anatolia Region: Erciyes Mountain Winter Tourism Center, Göreme National Park and Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia

Marmara Region: City of Istanbul, Ancient City of Troy

Black Sea Region: Sumela Monastery, Trabzon Uzungol

Eastern Anatolia Region: Mount Agri, Ishak Pasha Palace

Mediterranean Region: Sea tourism, Side Antique City,Kiz Castle

Southeastern Anatolia Region: Göbeklitepe, Nemrut Mountain National Park, where the world’s oldest temple is located

Aegean Region: Bergama Ancient City, Ephesus Ancient City

All properties in Turkey, as well as industrial activities are spread over a wide area. In terms of population, transportation and other characteristics, the industry is mostly concentrated in the Marmara Region.

Gobeklitepe picture.
Göbeklitepe – World’s oldest religional constructions

Erasmus + Vocational project activities

Potentially, taken in the plane of the Erasmus + projects in Turkey, there are many institutions and organizations of the activities can be carried out in the Vocational Training project. Participants at the Erasmus project would be a joint institution in Turkey in the following areas easily, they will find a chance to practice related professions:

Food and Beverage Services




Health Service

Hair Care and Beauty

Adult Education

School Education

Application areas are not limited to those mentioned above, but application activities can be realized in many occupations not mentioned here.

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    Mr Kweku Amankwah,

  2. acotoara 05-01-2020

    Dear Mr. Amankwah

    I have read your message and I would like to know which topic would be appropriate for your organisation. I can help with
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