Useful tips for KA101 and KA102 projects-3

Actions Section

The point to note is that all activities written here will be carried out. These should be activities for our needs.If the month 1 is selected as September, the activities should start in chronological order. In Excel program, activity table can be prepared and added.


1st month September:

Examination of the application form

Project introduction meeting

Meeting with participants

Creating web site related to the project etc.

2. nd month October

3rd month November

Assuming that the mobility activity is considered as the month, activities to be carried out abroad on a daily basis should be written. The relevant program can be requested from the course center.

How will the proposed activities help you meet the needs and achieve the objectives set out in your European Development Plan? In particular, please describe how the competences and experiences acquired by the staff involved in the project will be incorporated into the strategic development of the organization in the future.

It should be written that each activity that you have undertaken or committed to meet the needs and which targets will be achieved. For example, if a project introductory meeting is held, which meeting will meet the need and which target will it achieve?

Here are the questions to be answered:

It should write down how to meet the needs mentioned in the European Development Plan. In order to make these explanations, the requirements stated in the European Development Plan section can be listed and the activities to be performed and which needs these activities will meet can be written.

As an example, since our school has absenteeism, this course was needed to address this problem. The question which needs this activity will meet should be answered. To share information about the course to be taken abroad, seminars, courses, etc. should be explained in detail.

While answering the question of how the activities to be carried out within the scope of the project will be included in the strategic development of your organization, in the first part, it was mentioned how to do the strategic plan analysis while doing the needs analysis, here it can be mentioned how the activities will be developed in terms of the needs in the strategic plan and / or how to eliminate the problems.

Please describe your plans in the context of the countries to be visited and the host institutions.Explain what host partners you have already identified will contribute and why they are considered eligible as host institutions. If you have not yet identified all your host partners, explain how you plan to find the appropriate host institutions / organizations for the mobilizations you plan to perform. Please describe if you have any links or partnerships that will allow you to find a host institution / organization in other countries.

This should also be mentioned here if the project management section has written, for example, the use of course centers on the School Education Gateway platform.

Paragraph 1

What is your reason for choosing the country you have chosen as the course center? While there are courses available in other countries, it should be explained why this country has been selected and the prominent point of the course center and the country should be stated.

For example, when writing a project on school drop-out, the country where the course center you choose will be written, as compared to other European Union countries, because it has reduced early dropout rates.


As we know that different universities and non-governmental organizations are working and making projects in the resource scanning we conducted during the writing phase of our project, we searched the universities and the projects in the cities and regions where the course centers are located, and the projects carried out previously. Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt etc. It was determined that the researches and projects that are responding to our project topic in 5 centers including regions. Barcelona was selected as a result of correspondence.

Course centers can be chosen with a comparable, rich curriculum.

Visits of institutions (schools, factories, etc.) can be requested from the selected course center. The course center that provides these features can be selected.

It can be said that they are experienced.

Paragraph 2

It is possible to talk about how the selected courses will meet your needs and what the participants will gain. The objectives of the course but not from the course program can be stated in this paragraph.

Which needs will be explained in terms of teachers’ professional development can be explained. For example, it may be in terms of method, approach, technique and documentation gains.


Faaliyet Structured courses and training activities should be selected, as there will be activities related to the course centers.

If the duration of the course is 5 days, the individual support should be written for 7 days, 1 day for the first day and 1 day for the last day. The European Union pays a maximum of 10 days. If, for example, an 11-day course is agreed, it must be paid out of pocket or discounted for 1 day.

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