About KA2 Projects

To date, information has been given about KA1 projects, which are mainly referred to as Individuals’ Mobility of Learning. New and updated information on KA1 projects will continue to be shared. However, in this article, we will talk about an advanced version of KA1 projects.KA2 projects  require a more organized working approach.

KA2 projects as a summary

The original name of KA2 projects is “Innovative Strategic Partnerships and Strategic Partnerships for the Change of Good Practices”. KA2 projects can address one or more areas of education, training and youth. The main goal of the program is the development, transfer and implementation of innovative applications. KA2 projects also include local and international educational activities.

In the context of KA2 projects, strategic partnership is the partnership established by institutions in the simplest definition in line with services and interests. These partnerships are established in order to achieve certain goals in the form of development, transfer of these developments and performing mutual education and training activities. Strategic Partnerships are open to institutions and organizations from both program countries and partner countries.

What kind of KA2 projects?

 KA2 projects are gathered under 5 titles in terms of target audience. These:

 • KA201 and KA229        Strategic Partnerships in School Education

• KA202                                Strategic Partnerships in the Field of Vocational Education

 • KA203                              Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education

• KA204                                Strategic Partnerships in Adult Education

• KA205                                Strategic Partnerships in the Youth Field

KA2 project types mentioned above will be discussed in detail in the next articles. However, in order to draw a general framework, KA2 projects are projects that are finely examined by the National Agencies of countries, and the grant support is much higher than for example KA1 projects. For example, in Turkey in 2018, 10 projects were awarded support KA201.

Dissemination activities are especially important in KA2 projects. Platforms such as eTwinning, EPALE, School Education Gateway, SALTO can be used for activities such as partner finding, exchange and dissemination.

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