How to apply for Erasmus+ 2021 call?

Beginning for Erasmus+ 2021

As explained in the previous articles, first you need to create a “EU Login”username and password to access the relevant pages of the European Commission. You will need to obtain a OID number for your institution after EU entry. The OID number is unique to your organization and will automatically bring your institution’s information when it is entered on the application form. Therefore, care must be taken to enter the correct information when obtaining the PIC number.

How to reach the project application forms?

You can use the following link to reach the Erasmus + project forms for 2021:

After entering the above address, we will see the screen where we have to enter the user name and password for the organization to which we will apply, which was previously referred to as EU Login. After providing the required information, you will be directed to the project application home page. You can change the language of the page by clicking “English EN” in the upper right corner to convert the page to the desired language.

How can we find partners ?

You can use the page below to find partners:

You can click upper right of the page to change the page’s language

When you click on the ”Opportunities” section of the page, the main categories of Erasmus + programs will appear. When you click on the field where you want to apply for a project (for example: School Education), you will see the types of projects for which you can apply. For example, for School Education projects,

• KA 121 School Education Staff Mobility

KA 122 SCH 11 th of May 2021 12.00.00 (based on Brussels time)

KA 122 VET 11 th of May 2021 12.00.00 (based on Brussels time)

KA122 ADU 11th of May 2021 12.00.00 (based on Brussels time)

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